Stanover 50



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Effects of taking Stanover

The main advantage of Vermodje Stanover is the ability to build quality muscles without unnecessary water retention. Stanover, along with a low-carbohydrate diet and a properly selected training program, can make the muscle mass firmer, stiffer, embossed. The joint application of Stanover with other non-flavoring steroids (with trenbolone, for example) gives a superb appearance to bodybuilders. In combination with trenbolone, which also has pronounced fat-burning abilities, stanozolol is able to give an excellent effect.
Competent combination of Stanover with other AAS helps athletes achieve the deepest relief and the ideal separation of muscles. Like other steroids, Stanover is not only a designer and body builder, but a good helper in power progress and endurance work.
All of the above performance characteristics of stanozolol make it indispensable in pre-competitive training of bodybuilders. This anabolic helps keep the mass during the so-called carbohydrate wells and supports the body during exhausting workouts. The usual practice is the following scheme for getting ready for the podium: two or three weeks before the competition, the diet is tightened to a maximum and all oil steroids are canceled, only drugs that do not hold water at all remain in the bodybuilder’s pharmaceutical department; Vinstrol and, for example, oxandrolone.


Features of  Stanover

The half-life of this anabolic is several hours. Such a short half-life is associated with the peculiarities of pharmacokinetics.
As soon as the crystals of the active substance get into the blood and dissolve, the level of stanozolol in the blood rises at the rate of explosion and also damps down just as quickly.
Vermodje Stanover does not aromatize, so it does not lead to accumulation of water in the body of the user and is the ideal preparation for preparation for BB competitions. Stanozolol in its anabolic manifestations is much more vivid and active than in androgenic, although it is a close relative of dihydrotestosterone (the molecule of vinstrol contains more benzol ring).
The Stanover is able to interact with androgen receptors at the microsomal level (ie, with androgen receptors inside the fragments – microsomes, formed during cell division, often such receptors are called microsomal receptors – MP). Such adherence to MP adipose tissue can significantly enhance the lipolysis process.

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